19 Mar

How to install wamp server on your computer

wamp server is a software. this software help you to a website host your computer cpanel and make a website offline (without Internet).

wamp server is a best software to design a website. now i give you some tips that, how to install wamp server on your computer.

at first you download wamp server software. this is the link of wamp server download option.

click hear to get wamp server software. this software have 2 download option. one is 32 bit (86X) other is 64 bit. make sure that your computer have what bit windows.

if your computer have windows 32 bit then you download wamp server 32 bit or your computer have 64 bit then you download 64 bit wamp server software.

when your software downloading complete then you extract your download file. you can extract your file to used winrar.

when your file unzipped then you go to wamp server software and double click that software.

then follow the instruction to go ahead. wamp server is delivered whit the latest releases of Apache, MySQL and PHP.

when your installation is almost complete that time explorer.exe file will come and you got 2 option. you select open option and go ahead.

then other opting will come and you select open button. then your software installation will complete. then you got a wamp server icon of your computer desktop.

then double click that icon and select yes and your software is open.

you saw your computer task bar right side and saw that your wamp server icon when get green colour then you understand that your software in running.

but sometime your icon go to orange & red color. that time your software don’t run your computer.

if your software not working then you uninstall your wamp server software and again install. hope your software perfectly run.

when your software is open then you open your browser, like chrome or mozila of opera. then you write address ber locahost. then you saw that your local host is coming.

next tutorial i write you how to start working in wamp server locahost. thanks.

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